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Origin of acquisition: bought by H.S.H Prince Rainier III from Mr Bryant


From 1898 to 1931, assembly plant Beeston
Engine 4 on-line cylinders with valves T
Rolled 6.3 liters, propulsion
Box with speed 4 + reverse gear
Maxi speed 70 km/h


The company of bicycle Thomas HUMBER, established in 1868 began to build at the very beginning of the century of motorcycles, tricycles and automobile quadricycles.
Its first small car from 1901 with a OF DION BOUTON engine had a steering wheel of direction in a single branch, characteristic which will stay in the first years of the brand, early of more than half a century on the steering wheel of the revolutionary DS Citroën ( 1955 ).
On the eve of the 1st world war the brand Humber proposed a wide selection of models from the Humberette of 600 cc to cars of 6 liters of capacity.
The company will keep its independence until 1931 further to the repurchase of the brand by the brothers ROOTES.

HUMBER BEESTON 1911 from the Collection

The Humber were from 1911 fitted with boxes with speeds 4 reports which was a privilege at the time.
This magnificent double phaeton possesses an engine 4 cylinders with valves T of 3.500 liters of capacity and of course its very original steering wheel of direction monobranch.
The history of the English automobile took a lot of delay at the beginning of the century only because of the fact that a merciless law obliged that a man on foot, shaking a red flag had to precede every automobile…

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