WEASEL Type M29 1943

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Amphibian vehicle
Engine 6 on-line cylinders of 2.8 liters
Power: 75 cv
Weight: 1 700 kg
Speed on road: 60 km/h
     on water: 6 km/h
Temperature of use from -40 ° to + 48 °

WEASEL Type M29 1943

American vehicle caterpillar amphibian from the 2nd World war, made in 1943 and reused by the French Army in Indochina. After its military reform: it was prepared by the French explorer Paul Emile Victor for Polar scientific missions from 1947 to 1955. This Weasel was equipped with an isothermal unit made up of panels of wood, of polystyrene and side glazing in Plexiglas of a thickness of 15mm.

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