Rolls Royce Phantom 1 - 1927

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Engine: 6 cylinders in line
Weight: 2,200 kg
Maximum speed: 145 km/h
Factory of assembly: Springfield, Massachusetts the USA
Body: by Brewster, Trouville models
Years of manufacturing: 1925 -1931
Production: The United Kingdom, 2,269 models from of 1925 to 1929. USA, 1,243 models from 1926 to 1931


Phantom 1 (or more exactly New Phantom ) replaced  the Silver Ghost whose lack of performances had become too obvious.
The “New Phantom” was characterized primarily by an entirely new mechanics, with OHV engine  and by its new brakes on the four wheels which were proposed in series.

For the record, this model was equipped with a servo-brake designed according to a system worked out by Marc Birkigt, which forced the Rolls Royce firm to pay fees to Hispano Suiza…
Technical innovation, a small clutch, placed on the side of the gearbox was pulled by this one as long as the car ran at constant speed.
Under the action of the brake pedals, a friction was established first between the disc and the plate of this clutch and then, a rather complex system of rods and gear levers operated the back jaws then on the front jaws with as much of energy as the action on the pedal had been initially stronger.
Altogether, the style of the bodies imitated the style of the last “Silver Ghost” and it is often the absence or the presence of the radiator thermostatic shutters which makes it possible to distinguish the last Silver Ghost from Phantom1.
Step by step, the lines of the “Phantom 1” lost of their austerity, if not of their dignity and we would find on short chassis a good amount of convertibles from which fantasy was not excluded.
This car, built in the United States, was fitted with body by Brewster, at the time when the American body was at its peak.
It was delivered new the 10/18/1927 to Mrs DH Walton, who resided in Massachusetts.
Originally fitted with body of a Arundel limousine, it was fitted with body of a Coupé-Chauffeur Trouville in 1933.

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