Renault Floride 1959

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Four-cylinder motor in line
34 cv, 845 Cm3
125 km/h, 765 kg


It’s in1959, which Renault markets the Floride; if the line of its body is radically different from the Dauphine, nevertheless the machine elements of the latter were most of them preserved.

A small sport car The Floride can hardly be regarded as a sport one, its body too heavy authorizing only modest performances to it.

Its main asset was its relatively moderate selling price, which made of the Floride “the first luxurious car equipped with a mechanics of series bided at a price not reaching the million”…. of the time.

In that, she had a very great success, both in France and abroad.

The drawing of the Floride very successful , was studied in Italy, most notably by the car designer Frua.

With this car, Renault aimed to seduce the North-American market. The Floride model will become “Caravelle” in order to not enhance a preference toward the other states of the Union.

RENAULT FLORIDE 1959 of the Collection

The car presented here of color Borneo green was offered by the Renault Control to Its Highness Princess Grace in October 1959, at the time of the launching of the model.

The Control also offered the same model to the very famous worldwide star Brigitte Bardot.

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