Napier 1914

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 Six-cylinder motor in line,
2.7 liters
14 cv
At the beginning of the century, Montague NAPIER was known for the construction of precision engineering, Napier modified cycles, motorcycles and automobiles, then undertook to manufacture whole cars.
These cars were remarkably well built and of a reliable functioning.
The Napier was the most famous English car on the market before the apotheosis of Rolls Royce.
The famous race Gordon Bennet won in 1902, made the brand worldwide famous.
At the end of the 1st World War, the brand Napier will specialized even more in the production of engines for planes. The Great War had indeed made it possible to the company to make a name for itself in the sky of England.
The NAPIER T 78 from 1914 of the Collection
Intended to compete with the ROLLS ROYCE Silver Ghost.  The Napier T 78 was built in London in 1914, his frame motorized by a 6 cylinder in line, 6.2 liters of 40 HP was fitted with body by Cunard, which carried out this very rare and very elegant model of half-compartment transformable driver, hoods flexible, electric starter and headlights.
For the record “the color tone of green paint” Napier was used as reference to the racing cars driven by British pilots in international competitions: The famous British Racing Green.
The brand Napier disappeared definitively in 1925.

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