FERRARI 250 GT Convertible series II of 1963

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Engine 12 cylinders out of V

Tubular frame out of steel, suspension at the front independent with double superimposed triangles and helical springs at the back, a rigid semi-elliptic blade axle and parallel drawn arms.
4 telescopic hydraulic dampers
4 brakes Dunlop disc
Weight: 1,050 kg
Maximum speed 240 km/h
200 models manufactured


From 1940 to nowadays  
Auto costruzione Ferrari in Modena from 1946 to 1960
Societa Esercizio fabbriche Automobili e corse Ferrari Maranello (Modena) from 1960 to nowadays
Following a contract which bound him at Alfa Romeo, in 1940 Enzo Ferrari designed a car which did not bear its name but the brand “Auto Avio Costruzioni”. But in 1947 “the famous Cavalino” on yellow background (the color of the town of Modena) appeared on a hood: the one of the 125 S with engine12 cylinders.
Since that time no other Italian brand of cars does not raise, as much admiration in the whole world that FERRARI.

FERRARI 250 GT Convertible series II of 1963

Superb convertible fitted with body by Pininfarina presented to the Salon of Paris in 1959, it is fitted with the famous engine designed by engineer Gioacchino Colombo, a V12 of 3 liters, developing 240 cv which will propel this very comfortable convertible to more than 200 km/h.
This splendid engine will also fit the 250 series which on the sporting level will build an unequalled reputation to Ferrari.
Success will be at its apogee with the 250 Tour de France,  then the famous 250 GTO and finally the 250 LM with central engine.

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